Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lets get down to business....

Well, I finally am getting around to blogging. Things have been hectic for us....this wedding planning is hard work!! Jake and I have also been in trial the last 3 weeks and are completely worn out!!! But it is now time to get serious about blogging.........and make some important introductions. :)

Jake posing at "The King's" desk

I decided it is officially time to start the introductions of the wedding party!!! This may take awhile folks...we have a large wedding party.... we told you it would be a big 'ol Southern Wedding!!! Stay Tuned!!! Most importantly, lets start out with my fab hubby to be........Jake Cain!!! (Yes I will be Courtney Cain--cute huh??? :)) I am so blessed to have found Jake. He is soo special to me and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!!!!
Oh and the only downfall.....Jake is obsessed with OU sports!!! Above is a picture of Jake at Barry Switzer's (aka the King) house in Norman, Oklahoma. We went to Barry's house this fall after an OU game. In Jake's opinion being at Barry Switzer's house is one of the greatest days of his life so far (next to our engagement day of course)!! We were so lucky to get invited to visit Barry Switzer and had such a blast!!! What a memory!!!!!!!! :)

Next to come my precious flower girls---Ryan Priddy and Meghan Lynch!!!!!!!!


momof4kr said...

Can't wait to hear all about your Wedding Party!

And, you are so right..."COURTNEY CAIN" is as cute as it gets!!


Ro said...

I was just talking about you earlier :) Good of course!! Mutual friend..... Glad you finally posted something! Miss U. We need to reschedule that lunch we never had :)