Sunday, February 22, 2009

Isn't she lovely???????

I will have to say I have some of the cutest flower girls!!!! I am soo blessed to have Meghan and Ryan as my flower girls! Both are so special to Jake and myself. We just think they are the cutest. I can't wait to see them in their flower girl dresses! They are going to steal the show!! Let me introduce you to these lovely girls!!!


Meghan is my cousin. She is so precious and soo sweet!! She is the youngest of 3 and she is the only girl!! She has two "stinky" older brothers, as she would say, Ryan and Reagan. Meghan is so athletic!! She is a great gymnast and is on a competition travel team!!! She can tumble and do the splits (things I could only do in the womb--do ya hear me girls???). She loves to come to Madisonville and stay with her Aunt Kathy and "the girls" and get manicures and pedicures!!! She was soo excited when she found out that I was engaged to Jake....she immediately knew what her duty was, "the flower girl." Meghan is very excited and has informed me that she will want someone to do her hair on the day of the wedding!! Cute huh??? We love you Meghan and cant wait to have you at the wedding!!! You are so special!!!

Meghan and me

Megan "posing" after swimming at the hotel

Brittney, Whitney, and Meghan

Ryan is so funny!!! She is Jake's niece and we love her to pieces!! The funniest thing is that Ryan calls us "Gayke" and "Cokey" rather than Jake and Courtney!! Ryan loves it when we come to visit her! She loves her Uncle "Gayke." Ryan loves to draw and is very artistic. I have an engagment picture that she did for me. She also loves to dress up (as you can tell she is in her Wonder Woman outfit in each picture). She is a spunky and energetic 4 year old who is not afraid of anything!!! We love you Ryan!!!
Ryan and myself at Christmas ( I still do not know how to turn the pics around)

Whitney, Mom, Ryan, and Brittney at Christmas

This is us at Halloween. Ryan is Wonder woman, I am Sarah Palin (look closely at my drill baby drill pin :)), and Jake is a 60's guy. When Jake and I first got engaged I showed Ryan my ring and asked her if she knew what that meant. She said," Yes, Cokey and Gayke are getting married." I then told her that she gets to be the flower girl to which she replied, "I not a flower girl, I Wonder woman." I laughed until I almost cried. That is a story we will tell her for years to come.....We love you Ryan!!!


Ro said...

What beautiful flower girls!

Becki Francy said...

How cute is that....I agree....minimum age of flower girl is 4. Mine backed was okay - we had a back up plan....These two had backed out before. Aren't you glad I checked this at home, as opposed to checking it at work and having Jake read it with me?