Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!!!! Here we are!!!!

Jake and I finally got engaged on September 26, 2008 after dating for 3 years. We are getting married July 11, 2009 in Madisonville, Texas. We are sooo excited!! We thought this blog would be a great way to keep in touch and keep everyone updated about the wedding!!!

So what have we been doing for 3 years???

Eating with our dear friends, Rob and Heather, in Tulsa, Oklahoma!! We love you Heather and Rob!!

Going to Waco, Texas to be with my sweet sister, Whitney, when she graduated from Baylor University!!! We love you Whit!!

Running races in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Poor Jake~ his red face says it all!!!

Attending Texas v. OU Weekends (yes we have now made it through three Texas v. OU weekends without killing each other :) )!!!!

Supporting Junior League of Tulsa...Jake is so good about going to all my Junior League events!!!!! I think he secretly likes going!!!

Visiting New Orleans!!!! Great Food and Great Company!! We had such a blast in NOLA!!!

Relaxing in Madisonville, Texas for Fourth of July!!! We love to visit my family in Madisonville. It is so relaxing!!! We love you Smith fam!!!

Celebrating Birthdays in Madisonville, Texas!!! We usually spend my b-day and Jake's b-day in M-ville since my birthday is July 1st and Jake's birthday is July 4th!!!!

Celebrating Fourth of July in Holdenville, Oklahoma with Jake's Family. We had so much fun listening to a band and watching fireworks. We love you Holdenville crew!!!
Family and sweet friends~
**This is just a glimpse of the fun we have had during the 3 years we have dated!! We are looking forward to many many more fun times and memorable moments....
Love to all,
Jake and Courtney


Ro said...

Congrat's Courtney!!! I love the blog!! Check mine out sometime if you get a chance :)

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